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Admin Danny is resigning. Thanks for having me around here. It’s been great, it really has but all great things comes to an end. Goodbye.

- Daniel

Update: Masterlist

  • Due to inactivity, Ga In is now free to be roleplayed.
  • Due to leaving, Xiah is now free to be roleplayed.


  • Kyuhyun
  • B-Bomb
  • Daeryoung
  • Nana
Dropping by to say that I'll be leaving the directory, mainly because I feel the need to change some things and start anew. Thank you for having me! / ic-xiah

Alright, thanks for letting us know. Take care, man. Thank you for being with us.

- Daniel

Hey! Can we please be affiliates? c:

Sure! Adding you now.

- Daniel

Ayo, wassup IC family!

I’m sorry that I haven’t really introduced myself to all of you guys yet. Since the two other admins are busy with their schedules and our founders Taejun and Dony aren’t here anymore, I will be the one handling all of the updates and whatnot. Don’t hesitate to come talk with me, my inbox is always open for anything.

I hope that everyone is having a good year so far and rest well!

- Daniel

Update: Masterlist

  • Due to inactivity, Sooyoung is now free to be roleplayed.
  • Due to deactivation, Sunggyu is now free to be roleplayed.
  • Due to switching directories, Do Hyeong is now free to be roleplayed.
  • Due to inactivity, Park Tae Jun is now free to be roleplayed.

3 week warning

  • Simon Park
  • Ga In


  • Lydia Paek
  • Kyuhyun
  • B-Bomb
  • Daeryoung
  • Nana
Deactivated Sunggyu because I have to keep up with school work and internet right now is infuriatingly slow because of the flood..

Alright, thank you for letting us know. Good luck with your OOC and be careful!


Follow Yongguk of B.A.P!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be switching directories. Thank you guys very much for having me here.

Alright, thanks for letting us know. Take care, man!

- Daniel

Application // Bang Yong Guk

Stage name: Yong Guk (formerly Jepp Blackman) 

Real name: Bang Yong Guk

Group: B.A.P

Ent. Company: TS Entertainment

Birthdate: 31 March, 1990

Para?: Yessir! 

NSFW blog? : On occasion probably but I’m not gonna spam porn 24/7. 

List some tags that you might regularly reblog from : Swag, Rap music, inspirational, Seoul underground, Seoul, Incheon, street art, Frank Ocean, Food, Ramyun, graffiti, snapbacks, K-Hip Hop, Soul Connection

What do you do in your free time? : Free time, you kiddin’? Tch! When we have any substantial free time at all, while everyone sleeps and rests, I’m on my grind almost 24/7. Write more, work more, work later, dance harder and when you don’t think you can go on, do more and prove yourself wrong. But I’m not a machine or nothin’, even I have to have a minute or two to kick back, know what I’m sayin’? I use this time to get away from everyone, I like my solitude, and just watch movies, take a minute or two to listen to some music, take a long hot shower and go eat a bowl of ramyeun. I write constantly, either in my diary or in my notebook full of lyrics, you never know when inspiration is gonna hit. I love to chill with the guys, they’re my family away from family, and I’m always skyping with my twin or using face time on my phone to keep in touch with my friends.

Are there any moments in your past that might have affected your personality and mannerism?: Well, I didn’t talk, like at all, until I was 5 years old, so I had a little time to figure out that words are important. I never waste words, I choose ‘em carefully and it’s important to know the weight and the power they carry. Being a twin also affects me as a person, he was a person that for a long time, was the only other person in our own little world. I’m really close to him, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t talk to him, no matter how tired I get or how busy I am. He’s the other me and it’s hard to explain an experience like that, but I am grateful to have my brother. Uh…what else. Oh! yeah! I think doing music in a group before I went to TS, helped prepare me for this business, it helped me be the strong leader I am now and I am glad I had that experience. 

Status: Accepted
Directions: Make the account, follow the family, and let us know when you’re ready.
Admin: Daniel